More Brew & Craft Nights, DIY videos, and why I joined chalk couture!

Make a salt scrub!

As summer ends and fall rolls in, the time has come to appreciate our hardworking teachers.    Make this adorable apple mason jar pencil holder as a token of gratitude for the wonderful things teachers do for our children.

In other news, my chalk couture adventure is still live and alive!  With our first chalk night event launching this month, I am continuously amazed at the versatility of signing onboard with this company, not only as a “recruiter”, but also just a designer.  People in the Chalk Couture Facebook groups are selling amazing pieces of art created with CC products.  While it may not seem like it takes some skill, after a while of using the product, a designer can start producing brilliant work that only can be acquired through time and practice.

Which brings me to my next point, selling chalk couture on etsy.   You may be asking yourself some questions….

Can I sell Chalk Couture on Etsy?  Yes.  I contacted etsy before I signed up for chalk couture because this was an important aspect of my business plan.  You can only sell finished products you have made with chalk couture stencils, chalkology paste, accessories, etc.  However, you cannot sell chalkology paste, stencils, accessories, or any other items listed on your personal chalk couture website as an individual product.

Can I market the brand name Chalk Couture on etsy?  Yes.  Etsy said go ahead and even call yourself a chalk couture designer on your site!  It’s okay with them!  You can say that you are making your products with chalk couture.  In fact, it’s a great idea to give the chalk couture designers credit for the work.

Will Chalk Couture products actually sell?  Yes.  And I highly recommend this if you are someone who is just starting an etsy shop.  Below is the first piece of art I made with Chalk Couture.  It was the only Chalk Couture item I had actually listed on my shop.  It sold within 2 weeks.  You can make a high quality product and pick up a design technique customers will truly cherish for years to come.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.44.29 PM
These professional, silk-screened signs create long-lasting beautiful images sure to impress any loved one.

Should I join Chalk Couture?   Let’s probe your personal situation a bit more…

  • Are you a crafting hobbyist?  If this is a quick “yes”, then I would say right off the back that Chalk Couture is for you.  You’ll get the 40% discount on all of their items, you will be part of subscription “club” in some ways ($20/month, one stencil per month plus online shop system).  All you have to do to continue as a chalk couture designer is sell at least $150 PV (personal volume) in one of their quarters (about three months).  In other words, if you purchase $150 yourself over the three month period, you will still be able to be part of the Chalk Couture family.
  • Are you interested in starting a business?  The term “business in a box” has been made about the chalk couture model, and I would say this is true.  I know I will be able to sell more handmade items with just what I have purchased in the starter box.  I already have plans for all sorts of other products I can make.    The biggest benefit of using chalk couture is the images the company has to market.  They have high quality images that make it easy to market the idea in a beautiful, presentable way.  This has been especially helpful for my craft nights/facebook promotions/instagram posts.
  • Do you want to start an etsy shop?  Chalk Couture will help jump start this.  Start with decor for seasonal times.  If you especially want to start an etsy shop, I highly recommend signing up with me.  I am starting an exclusive opportunity Facebook group that can request to join here.   Here, you can ask me any questions you may have about Chalk Couture and also gain some insight as to what sort of support I can give you as you launch your business.  For a long time, I’ve been wanting to help people start their own etsy shops, and for me, Chalk Couture is a way that I can finally do that for other people.

If you want more information on why I decided to join chalk couture, or want to see some chalk couture demonstrations, check out my YouTube channel:

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