Heidi Swapp Mink Foil Applicator Review & Projects


(okay, I don’t know why I added quotations to the five stars, but it makes it feel more official.  lol, what I am trying to say is I LOVE this machine.)

I think it was about three weeks ago when I saw the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator machine.  It was right next to the Cricut Explore products in Hobby Lobby, so naturally I  gravitated towards the item, mostly because of my fascination with shiny things.


Currently, this machine offers 10 great color options and only require you have a standard laser printer in your home (not ink-jet).  The minc foil applicator machine only works on materials printed on a laser printer.

I was so intrigued I actually went and bought a laser jet printer because I don’t own one.

After reading some mixed reviews online, I was a little apprehensive to buy a Minc considering some people said the foil machine disappointed them, that it had “spotty” results.

Yes, I will admit that sometimes there will be a knick here or there in the foiling, but considering the technology, it’s still amazing.  The foil is really stuck on there too, it doesn’t bled or fade or rub off at all.

The lure of shiny things led me to beg my husband for this machine on my next birthday.  What a nice husband I have, because on my next birthday, it was mine!

Here are some photos of a cute gift basket I made for a baby shower.  I think all the fun little gifts I added with my Minc foil applicator really made the purple come out and also gave the gift a bit of elegance.




I was especially impressed with just how small the gold foiling can get and still hold quite a bit of detail.



Customize a tumbler with a vinyl decal (on my cricut).  Add some AVEDA tea and you got an amazing gift basket to give a friend!


I’ve only tried the pink and the gold so far but I must say I am loving this machine.


If you are looking for foiled custom tags/stickers/etc for your next big event, message me through etsy and let’s get a custom order started for you.  These DIY projects are so easy and affordable when you purchase your own TicTacs/lip balm and get the customized stickers from PCW!

And in case I don’t say it enough to my lovely readers and fellow crafters….

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