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Color Pour brand is AWESOME!  My obsessions usually come in waves.  Once I like to make something, I just want to make even more of it.  And more of it.  And. More. Of. It.

When I first discovered American Craft’s Paint Pour brand, I immediately wanted to make something swirly, twirly, cosmic, galactic and sparkley.  Glittery.  If you know and follow me, you also probably know I have a brain that stops when I see sparkly objects.  (I apologize to every teacher who has ever taught me.)

Similar to Chalk Couture,  the color pour brand is a full on collection of tools, materials, and surfaces to create paint pour art.  I love brands that include a whole arsenal, tutorial, and confidence for customers to try crafts I would not have usually tried.

Before I get to the instructions about how to make your own paint pour project, I wanted to show you a couple other American Craft Color Pour projects I’ve worked with.

Once I started doing color pour, I decided I wanted to make the largest one I could.  Once I decided to again make my own giant paint pour, I will be sure to use two whole kits of color pour.  I only used one with this, but see now it was probably best if I purchased two.

The painting is still ahhhh-mazing!  Plus, Lela threw a bunch of gold glitter on it and Grandpa was happy!  Every gift is a success when you recruit a cute crafting sidekick.

I was surprised when I saw Color Pour release a new line: resin pour.  This new line they incorporated into their paint pour system confused me.  However, recently, I saw this kit while pursuing the internet, only to learn they are slowly breaking into resin painting!  How cool is that!  The resin paintings look even better than paint pour, just covered with a shiny finish.  And we all know what happens when I look at shiny things.  Shiny.  Things.   I will be making one soon.  Stay tuned. Like. Subscribe.  Hit that notification bell.

That being said, resin is something that I want to get better at.  I still have so many things to learn about resin.  I just made this paperweight with the color pour brand products, and I look forward to making more resin projects, and eventually, a resin painting!

What you will need to make your own Paint Pour Art:

A paint pour kit (I like Color Pour)


Plastic Drip Drop Mat (something to go below)

Thumbtacks (to prop up canvas while pouring)

Popsicle Sticks

Plastic Gloves

Mini Solo Shot Glass Cups

Color Pour Cell Magic Cell Activator

Chunky Shaped Glitter

Talc Powder

Glossy Varnish


1. Distribute the different shades of colors into different cups.

2.  Add some cell magic and mix with popsicle sticks.

3.  Brush a small layer of light shade paint and create a primer level to give more slip to help the paint glide when pouring.

4.  When pouring into a bigger container, start with the lightest colors, and slowly add in the darker colors by shade.

5.  Add the paint to the canvas, top of the cup up, and flip (see video for detail).  Slowly move the paint back and forth on the canvas until you get the desired look you want.

6.  Add glitters as desired.

7.  Let the painting dry for 24 hours.  Add talc powder and then slowly take a very damp cloth to dust and gently dust off excess talc powder.

8.  Let dry a bit more.  Add glossy varnish to add final elements.

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How to sew a face mask, beginning sewing machine, Singer Start Essential Sewing Machine Review, How to Wind A Bobbin, DIY face mask

Face masks are heavily selling throughout the USA right now. So far, the only place people have been able to find them are from online, handmade businesses! I thought there couldn’t be a better time to buy a sewing machine. So, I did it. I purchased a Singer Start Essential 1304 sewing machine, a great tool for a beginner like me.

Once lock down hit, I was in my house with a sewing machine.  But the funny thing is I didn’t have any elastic or bias tape.  All the craft stores in my area had been closed down so there wasn’t a place to go pick some up.   Amazon is delayed on all of its shipping.  How could I make a face mask?  Surprisingly, I got pretty creative and made this super simple mask with hair ties.

I found this is a great sewing machine to start with.  I used to cut fabric at a craft store and asked people about the best sewing machines.  This one was affordable (less than $100), and I was impressed with how easy it was to use.

Winding a bobbin was foreign to me sixty days ago.  But after you watch this video, you will see how easy this machine can be!

Be sure to go to the 2:00 minute mark to see a stop motion animation of irises blooming in my backyard and this phenomenal kite we found flying hundreds of feet above.

Stay safe and thank you for reading!

Infusible Ink, How to use infusible ink, What is infusible ink, Cricut infusible ink

Infusible Ink is here! How to use Cricut Infusible Ink

If you have been crafting with your Cricut for the last few years, you know you can cut out HTV vinyl iron-ons.  While HTV is great and you can really make some amazing projects, these infusible inks are truly to dyeeeeeee for (get it? Sorry, I am a sucker for puns.)

Check out this awesome video Cricut created to explain the product.

I am addicted to cricut infusible inks.  These create the most professional looking shirts I’ve ever seen produced on a cricut.  Not to mention, they have tons of beautifully patterned infusible ink sheets that look vibrant.  At first, when I watched their launch video, I did not think it would be possible for the shirts to be that bright.

What can I use with cricut infusible inks?

Cricut infusible ink can be used with anything that is polyester.  I have only used 90-100% polyster shirts for my projects.  Other than that, I have always purchased the onesies from Michaels.

I searched everywhere for polyester onesies and couldn’t find any.  I did however discover that these infusible ink pens work with polythene can coolers.


Can you imagine customizing these for brides and bridesmaids?  I will be posting a video soon about how to make these can coozies.   This would be an easy sell on etsy for sure.  Want to buy the ones I’ve made in the design above?  You can purchase them here through my Amazon Prime shop.

Here are the recent videos I’ve created using infusible ink.

Like unicorns?  Try this fun design out!  Clip art information saved in the links!

In this video, I let my daughter go wild with cricut infusible ink pens to create this onesie for her baby cousin.

I was really happy with how this T-shirt turned out with the infusible ink pens.  It looks so professional!  I had to use a couple different sheets of paper to get it as large as I wanted, but it worked out in the end!

Or there is this wonderful-ness where I created an alien head t-shirt!  Finally, my very own Alien T-shirt!

Last, but not least, infusible ink coasters!


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HAPPY CRAFTERS: Offers a LARGE variety of HTV vinyl and other materials at GREAT rates. They also sell the infamous “pink press”, an amazing heat press tool with impeccable accuracy

Cleaning the Craft Room! Craft room organization and exploring the tiny joy of my creative corner.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 12.16.22 PM

Time to clean my craft room! I love 💕 💗 when I actually gave the time to dig through all my crafting supplies, organize a drawer, spend a half hour cleaning one drawer, move onto a box, spend half hour on that. We all know that the true, picture perfect commercial images of craft rooms aren’t entirely the exact clone of what some of our craft rooms look like…. *coughcoughmineisadisaterzonecough* but i find such tiny joy looking through all the awesome materials I have: embroidery string, cute silicone soap molds, sequins for more fuse tool projects, jewelry making. I found a pack of seaglass too while cleaning out the craft room. I found ALL of my Martha Stewart punches (which I will be doing a YouTube video on sometime soon because these punches are SERIOUSLY underrated! They are so much easier to create intricate designs similar to laser cut than I have ever been able to replicate with my Cricut explore). Either way, even cleaning up and organizing the craft room is fun. 🙂 ❤️💗👑💕✨👩‍🎤😘 spring 🌱🌸🌼cleaning!🍃🌼🌸🌷 out with the old and in with the new! Tides are turning! Energies are shifting! A new beginning is coming your way! And joy will be there when you are ready to craft it. 😉😘💕thx for following! Subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet for more fun live craft events and fun stuff in general. ❤️ #crafty#etsysellersofinstagram #etsy #wedding#etsyseller #craftblog #nbcmakingit#makingit #makersgonnamake #maker#makerspace #craftroom#craftroomorganization #sequins #sparkles

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, origami christmas tree, waterless snowglobes

I can’t believe it is already December 2nd!  I have felt a shift in the universal pendulum the last two months.  Time has been zooming by, changes are happening, and new beginnings are on the horizon.

As the holiday season rolls in, I am looking at some past Christmas craft projects I’ve made, starting with my origami Christmas trees.  :-). I’m still selling these on etsy this season tooBut if you want to make your own Christmas tree more, check out the whole YouTube Video here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.57.54 PM

Here’s another great video I made, some waterless snowglobes!  Excellent gifts that can last for years.  :). Actually, now that I remember making these, I might make even more snowglobes this season!  It’s amazing to think how these projects can all be updated.

Don’t forgot Chalk Couture!  I made this great sign for my mom.  Like what you see?  Want to buy some chalk couture?  Want to join Chalk Couture?  Pop me a question in the comments or contact me.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 1.23.06 PM

Oh!  And I can’t forget me Rice Crispy Wreaths!

Etsy Changes

Etsy changed its payment system.  I remember Etsy when it launched. I have been following the platform since I was seventeen (15 years ago), believe it or not. Crafting has always been my favorite hobby (who would have thought?!).  I remember the strange tiny joy associated with it.  This personal connection between the buyer and seller felt so original.  There were rarely big time shops that brought in insane revenues.

Etsy had transformed business. Just as ebay and Amazon did, Etsy had created a channel for anyone to start a business with enough creativity and grit. One didn’t need an understanding of inventory logs, profit margins, or any business logic.  One just needed the desire to do it. I remember reading about a man who went from homeless to owning his own business.  It was 13 years ago, he started a soap company on etsy.

Just as Amazon and Ebay have intense merchant portals, Etsy will now be following in their footsteps.  Even for me, selling on eBay isn’t something I do anymore.   Remember the days when you would just put a tickle-me-Elmo up for auction on ebay and selling it for $500 during the Christmas crunch?  Now, eBay has such a confusing payment system, I eventually stopped selling scrabble tiles on the site.  I was selling scrabble tiles for a while there, but the selling and payments, the intense push to offer free shipping and other aspects made the site too expensive to sell on.

Etsy is following in eBay’s footsteps.  They are encouraging shops to offer free shipping during the holiday season.  They have even said they will bump up products which offer free shipping.  This is already going to make it more expensive for etsy shops.  Now, instead of following the original search alogorithims, Etsy is urging their shops to cover their own shipping costs.

If anyone wants to pop a comment down below about your new experience with the system, I’d love to hear about it!

Much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you for reading my blog!



Autumn Has Arrived! Wine Cork Message Board, DIY Mason Jar Lamp, autumn decor, pumpkins, pumpkin decor, how to make your own decorations, DIY autumn decor, DIY Fall Decor

I can’t believe how fast this year has been flying by!  With a new season knocking on the door, I also have some more (or s’more if you like those too 😉 ) DIY videos.

A Dollar Tree opened up down the street from my house.  Sadly, I am addicted to yet another thing besides coffee (…and wine, did I say wine?  I meant chocolate).    If you want to get your decor fix, but don’t have the money to splurge at a big name craft store, go to Dollar Tree!

That’s how I was able to make this easy and quick craft.  Only 3 dollars!  I got the glitter pumpkins, jar, and even this cool leaf light thing for $3 total.

Those cute, little pumpkins near the mason jar light are also from Dollar Tree.  Even cooler, they light up with a multicolored show.   Dollar tree has made it so easy for me to think of fun ideas on a whim.

Here’s another idea with $1 materials.  The pencils, sparkly green ribbon, and even the jar were all $3 total.  Now you have that handmade with love gift for teacher.  I got the red paint from hobby lobby with their daily 40% off coupon.  (Haven’t heard of the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon? You can use it EVERY TIME you go to HoLo, as long as the item is regularly priced. Never pay full price at HoLo again with this tip!). With the coupon, I think my paint was like fifty cents.

I am still having fun with Chalk Couture too!  I started doing LIVE FEEDS.  So, if you want to ever get crafty live with me, chime in to chat about crafting or whatnot, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and set the notifications for live feeds.

I’ve also been doing more wine cork crafts.  I’ve been dying to make a wine cork message board, and thought I would try to do one in the shape of a pumpkin.  Click on the project below to see it on Darby! (don’t know what darby is? Well, if you don’t and you like crafting, you probably should…..)

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 1.42.56 PM

You can see me fumble with these on my LIVE feed on YouTube too.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!  Thanks so much to all my customers/friends/family/followers for all the support with my crafting dreams!

Contact me here!

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More Brew & Craft Nights, DIY videos, and why I joined chalk couture!

Make a salt scrub!

As summer ends and fall rolls in, the time has come to appreciate our hardworking teachers.    Make this adorable apple mason jar pencil holder as a token of gratitude for the wonderful things teachers do for our children.

In other news, my chalk couture adventure is still live and alive!  With our first chalk night event launching this month, I am continuously amazed at the versatility of signing onboard with this company, not only as a “recruiter”, but also just a designer.  People in the Chalk Couture Facebook groups are selling amazing pieces of art created with CC products.  While it may not seem like it takes some skill, after a while of using the product, a designer can start producing brilliant work that only can be acquired through time and practice.

Which brings me to my next point, selling chalk couture on etsy.   You may be asking yourself some questions….

Can I sell Chalk Couture on Etsy?  Yes.  I contacted etsy before I signed up for chalk couture because this was an important aspect of my business plan.  You can only sell finished products you have made with chalk couture stencils, chalkology paste, accessories, etc.  However, you cannot sell chalkology paste, stencils, accessories, or any other items listed on your personal chalk couture website as an individual product.

Can I market the brand name Chalk Couture on etsy?  Yes.  Etsy said go ahead and even call yourself a chalk couture designer on your site!  It’s okay with them!  You can say that you are making your products with chalk couture.  In fact, it’s a great idea to give the chalk couture designers credit for the work.

Will Chalk Couture products actually sell?  Yes.  And I highly recommend this if you are someone who is just starting an etsy shop.  Below is the first piece of art I made with Chalk Couture.  It was the only Chalk Couture item I had actually listed on my shop.  It sold within 2 weeks.  You can make a high quality product and pick up a design technique customers will truly cherish for years to come.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.44.29 PM
These professional, silk-screened signs create long-lasting beautiful images sure to impress any loved one.

Should I join Chalk Couture?   Let’s probe your personal situation a bit more…

  • Are you a crafting hobbyist?  If this is a quick “yes”, then I would say right off the back that Chalk Couture is for you.  You’ll get the 40% discount on all of their items, you will be part of subscription “club” in some ways ($20/month, one stencil per month plus online shop system).  All you have to do to continue as a chalk couture designer is sell at least $150 PV (personal volume) in one of their quarters (about three months).  In other words, if you purchase $150 yourself over the three month period, you will still be able to be part of the Chalk Couture family.
  • Are you interested in starting a business?  The term “business in a box” has been made about the chalk couture model, and I would say this is true.  I know I will be able to sell more handmade items with just what I have purchased in the starter box.  I already have plans for all sorts of other products I can make.    The biggest benefit of using chalk couture is the images the company has to market.  They have high quality images that make it easy to market the idea in a beautiful, presentable way.  This has been especially helpful for my craft nights/facebook promotions/instagram posts.
  • Do you want to start an etsy shop?  Chalk Couture will help jump start this.  Start with decor for seasonal times.  If you especially want to start an etsy shop, I highly recommend signing up with me.  I am starting an exclusive opportunity Facebook group that can request to join here.   Here, you can ask me any questions you may have about Chalk Couture and also gain some insight as to what sort of support I can give you as you launch your business.  For a long time, I’ve been wanting to help people start their own etsy shops, and for me, Chalk Couture is a way that I can finally do that for other people.

If you want more information on why I decided to join chalk couture, or want to see some chalk couture demonstrations, check out my YouTube channel:

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Summer is zooming by! Wine cork stamps & Origami Butterflies, How to make origami butterflies, how to make wine cork stamps

As summer zooms by, I can’t believe how fast wedding season is coming and going.  I am slowly dipping my toe into the world of Chalk Couture, creating products and YouTube videos to demonstrate this surreal crafting tool that makes my head explode.  I was finally able to list my first Chalk Couture product on etsy.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.44.29 PM
These professional, silk-screened signs create long-lasting beautiful images sure to impress any loved one.

But worry not, my new crafting obsession hasn’t stopped me from my other maker addictions! I thought a summery craft would be great, so I realized I’ve never made an butterfly origami video.  🙂 So here’s that:

and my usual obsession with wine cork crafts……

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Chalkology Paste, Chalk Couture Designer Starter Kit Countdown! Why I started selling Chalk Couture, What is Chalk Couture?

I am always looking for another product to make weddings easier for my beautiful brides and handsome grooms.  Everyone loves the look of chalk at weddings, but what if your 4-year-old nephew goes up to the sign and smudges that chalkboard art you paid big bucks?  Professional chalkboard artists can have a very large price range.

Chalk Couture enters here.  With Chalk Couture, you can make beautiful, professional looking chalk transfers that can be used again and again (while the transfers do have a shelf life of sorts, they will last long enough for numerous projects).   The projects you make will look like chalk, but they will be permanent enough to last for decades to be treasured.

There are a couple different ways that you can purchase Chalk Couture, or if you want to be a hobbist with extra Chalk Couture perks, you can always join the chalk couture club with me here.

Just shoot me an email and I’ll write you back with all the details and what I can do for you.

Why join with me?  I am very excited about other entrepreneurs, especially those are trying to get their handcraft businesses off the ground, or are already running one, and kind of just want to network with people.  I think Chalk Couture is a great place to start if you are trying to develop an etsy store.  The stencils can give you endless ideas for products, especially during the off-season.  Buy these cute stencils and make it through the low season between weddings/Christmas and get started on some seasonal product!

When you join as a designer, you get a kit retailed at one $200 +, for only $100.  Very well worth of the value in my opinion.  You are also enrolled in a subscription with your first month free.  This subscription sends you one new stencil a month, as well as keeps your online shop up and running.

Designers also get 40% off on all retail prices in Chalk Couture, way worth it if you are just trying to do some crafty stuff and really end up liking the product.

Even if you are going to just be a hobbist, I recommend signing up for the Starter Designer Kit, especially if you are planning a wedding, if you just sign up, you can get all your products for 40% off, and you actually get a 50% off coupon for your first order of Chalk Couture after you purchase the Designer Start Up Kit.

Check out what’s available in the Designer Start Up Kit Here:


Like it but don’t want to join the club? Buy Chalk Couture direct here.

Want to sign up for 50% off your first order, plus the designer start up kit for only $100 + about $20 shipping?  Then sign up here, reach out to me in the comments on youtube channel, or facebook, or wherever, and I can get you started on your Chalk Couture adventure!  Get started in the Chalk Couture Club!  Click here if you are ready to join the Chalk Couture family!

Want to know more as to why I decided to join the Chalk Couture family?  Check out my YouTube video about it!

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FabFitFun Summer unboxing 2018, FabFitFun Subscription Box Reviews, Unboxing, FabFitFun Value

I LOVE the new FabFitFun box for the Summer 2018 Season!  So many amazing products and I was so surprised by the value – – -they even include a FOREO face cleansing tool (an $89 value, my subscription box only cost me $40 with a $10 off coupon! ).    The box easily included over $200 worth of products, if you watch my video above, you will see the breakdown of the prices.  Amazing stuff!

I am for sures going to jump into the full subscription soon.  :-). You save a lot of money when you just buy a one year subscription, so that’s what I will probably do.  I don’t shop very much, and so something like this is a real confidence boost at least four times a year.  LOL.  I highly recommend it for the busy mom, professional, or anyone else who isn’t taking enough time for themselves (all of us, right? 🙂 )

I was not compensated for my subscription box review, nor given any goods or exchanges, so my word is my own here!

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