Summer is zooming by! Wine cork stamps & Origami Butterflies, How to make origami butterflies, how to make wine cork stamps

As summer zooms by, I can’t believe how fast wedding season is coming and going.  I am slowly dipping my toe into the world of Chalk Couture, creating products and YouTube videos to demonstrate this surreal crafting tool that makes my head explode.  I was finally able to list my first Chalk Couture product on etsy.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.44.29 PM
These professional, silk-screened signs create long-lasting beautiful images sure to impress any loved one.

But worry not, my new crafting obsession hasn’t stopped me from my other maker addictions! I thought a summery craft would be great, so I realized I’ve never made an butterfly origami video.  🙂 So here’s that:

and my usual obsession with wine cork crafts……

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