Chalkology Paste, Chalk Couture Designer Starter Kit Countdown! Why I started selling Chalk Couture, What is Chalk Couture?

I am always looking for another product to make weddings easier for my beautiful brides and handsome grooms.  Everyone loves the look of chalk at weddings, but what if your 4-year-old nephew goes up to the sign and smudges that chalkboard art you paid big bucks?  Professional chalkboard artists can have a very large price range.

Chalk Couture enters here.  With Chalk Couture, you can make beautiful, professional looking chalk transfers that can be used again and again (while the transfers do have a shelf life of sorts, they will last long enough for numerous projects).   The projects you make will look like chalk, but they will be permanent enough to last for decades to be treasured.

There are a couple different ways that you can purchase Chalk Couture, or if you want to be a hobbist with extra Chalk Couture perks, you can always join the chalk couture club with me here.

Just shoot me an email and I’ll write you back with all the details and what I can do for you.

Why join with me?  I am very excited about other entrepreneurs, especially those are trying to get their handcraft businesses off the ground, or are already running one, and kind of just want to network with people.  I think Chalk Couture is a great place to start if you are trying to develop an etsy store.  The stencils can give you endless ideas for products, especially during the off-season.  Buy these cute stencils and make it through the low season between weddings/Christmas and get started on some seasonal product!

When you join as a designer, you get a kit retailed at one $200 +, for only $100.  Very well worth of the value in my opinion.  You are also enrolled in a subscription with your first month free.  This subscription sends you one new stencil a month, as well as keeps your online shop up and running.

Designers also get 40% off on all retail prices in Chalk Couture, way worth it if you are just trying to do some crafty stuff and really end up liking the product.

Even if you are going to just be a hobbist, I recommend signing up for the Starter Designer Kit, especially if you are planning a wedding, if you just sign up, you can get all your products for 40% off, and you actually get a 50% off coupon for your first order of Chalk Couture after you purchase the Designer Start Up Kit.

Check out what’s available in the Designer Start Up Kit Here:


Like it but don’t want to join the club? Buy Chalk Couture direct here.

Want to sign up for 50% off your first order, plus the designer start up kit for only $100 + about $20 shipping?  Then sign up here, reach out to me in the comments on youtube channel, or facebook, or wherever, and I can get you started on your Chalk Couture adventure!  Get started in the Chalk Couture Club!  Click here if you are ready to join the Chalk Couture family!

Want to know more as to why I decided to join the Chalk Couture family?  Check out my YouTube video about it!

Like this project and want to get them delivered to you inbox? Sign up for the email and I’ll send you biweekly emails packed with DIY crafts, plus huge giveaways!  Thanks for reading my blog!


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