How to sew a face mask, beginning sewing machine, Singer Start Essential Sewing Machine Review, How to Wind A Bobbin, DIY face mask

Face masks are heavily selling throughout the USA right now. So far, the only place people have been able to find them are from online, handmade businesses! I thought there couldn’t be a better time to buy a sewing machine. So, I did it. I purchased a Singer Start Essential 1304 sewing machine, a great tool for a beginner like me.

Once lock down hit, I was in my house with a sewing machine.  But the funny thing is I didn’t have any elastic or bias tape.  All the craft stores in my area had been closed down so there wasn’t a place to go pick some up.   Amazon is delayed on all of its shipping.  How could I make a face mask?  Surprisingly, I got pretty creative and made this super simple mask with hair ties.

I found this is a great sewing machine to start with.  I used to cut fabric at a craft store and asked people about the best sewing machines.  This one was affordable (less than $100), and I was impressed with how easy it was to use.

Winding a bobbin was foreign to me sixty days ago.  But after you watch this video, you will see how easy this machine can be!

Be sure to go to the 2:00 minute mark to see a stop motion animation of irises blooming in my backyard and this phenomenal kite we found flying hundreds of feet above.

Stay safe and thank you for reading!


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