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Infusible Ink is here! How to use Cricut Infusible Ink

If you have been crafting with your Cricut for the last few years, you know you can cut out HTV vinyl iron-ons.  While HTV is great and you can really make some amazing projects, these infusible inks are truly to dyeeeeeee for (get it? Sorry, I am a sucker for puns.)

Check out this awesome video Cricut created to explain the product.

I am addicted to cricut infusible inks.  These create the most professional looking shirts I’ve ever seen produced on a cricut.  Not to mention, they have tons of beautifully patterned infusible ink sheets that look vibrant.  At first, when I watched their launch video, I did not think it would be possible for the shirts to be that bright.

What can I use with cricut infusible inks?

Cricut infusible ink can be used with anything that is polyester.  I have only used 90-100% polyster shirts for my projects.  Other than that, I have always purchased the onesies from Michaels.

I searched everywhere for polyester onesies and couldn’t find any.  I did however discover that these infusible ink pens work with polythene can coolers.


Can you imagine customizing these for brides and bridesmaids?  I will be posting a video soon about how to make these can coozies.   This would be an easy sell on etsy for sure.  Want to buy the ones I’ve made in the design above?  You can purchase them here through my Amazon Prime shop.

Here are the recent videos I’ve created using infusible ink.

Like unicorns?  Try this fun design out!  Clip art information saved in the links!

In this video, I let my daughter go wild with cricut infusible ink pens to create this onesie for her baby cousin.

I was really happy with how this T-shirt turned out with the infusible ink pens.  It looks so professional!  I had to use a couple different sheets of paper to get it as large as I wanted, but it worked out in the end!

Or there is this wonderful-ness where I created an alien head t-shirt!  Finally, my very own Alien T-shirt!

Last, but not least, infusible ink coasters!


Like this post?  If there is a project you would like to see me make, drop a comment below and let me know what the project is!

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