DIY Bird’s Nest Necklace

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.30.01 AM

DIY Bird’s Nest Pendants are a great gift during the spring season.  Put it on a jump ring and string it on the favorite necklace of your choice. Subscribers to HandCrate get the materials to make the pendant in this month’s box.  🙂

I’ve changed the approach to the box as I’ve wanted to increase the value of the box without having to charge more.  I am now going to making a lot of fun craft projects and whatnot out of my own studio here, Paper Crane Wishes.  I am always to include other artists who may interested in marketing their product with tiny samples.  If you are interested always feel free to message me at

Here’s the video tutorial for the bird’s nest pendant, very excited to do more tutorials.  I am thinking a paper flower bouquet for mom next month.  🙂  Plus some special soap gems I will instagram later, because you know “mom rocks”.  🙂 🙂

PS, excuse my misspelling of “gauge”, just trying to get these YouTube videos and made this little typ0 after I uploaded

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