S’more Pops & S’more Love

S’more Alternatives

Want to have s’mores at your big day, but don’t have a venue that allows fires?  These s’more pops are incredibly easy to make and look great displayed on a Styrofoam stand covered in any sort of colored tissue paper you may want (I used pink tissue paper. 🙂 )

Almond bark is every baker’s best friend.  (I still get confused as to why they call it Almond Bark, it is chocolate, right?  Can anyone help me with this? lol)  I only recently discovered it after doing some Pioneer Woman recipes. (I am kind of in love with Ree. ❤ )  I learned this marshmallow pop recipe from her, and you can check out her original recipe here.  These marshmallow pops can really be decorated in any way you may want, maybe with mini m&ms, Oreo crumbs, or whatever additions that tickle your fancy.  Almond bark also comes in white & regular chocolate, so the color options are endless, something that comes in handy if you are a DIY bride looking for color options and fun favors.

Almond bark is so easy to use too.  You just put in the microwave, melt it in intervals of 30-60 seconds, stirring along the way to see that it doesn’t get burnt.  Once the almond bark is melted, the possibilities are endless.  After finishing these marshmallow pops, I used the rest of the chocolate to make chocolate dipped strawberries and graham crackers.  Yum.  These didn’t last long in  my house.  😀  They probably won’t last long at your wedding either.  😉

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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