Rice Crispie Christmas Wreaths

Santa Claus is coming to town, for sure now.  We are 25 days away from sleigh liftoff and counting.  There are so many things to do like decking the halls and baking our Christmas treats.

This recipe is a variation of the Baker family traditional “mistletoe” treats, a post I will do later on this month.

I love rice crispies.  With the right sort of coloring and molds, a person can truly make anything imaginable.  They are a great starter method to really come up with some creative ideas.  For one, it’s a very stable base for any sort of shape you may want to be covered in fondant, much easier than cakes.


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Thank you so much for following my blog and supporting my little small craft business dreams. ❤   Happy holidays!  I look forward to posting more fun ideas.  I recently purchased a gingerbread house kit from Joann’s Crafts and Fabrics for only $7.99!! (only until 12/1, stock up).  I am excited to lay out some fun ideas I love to do with gingerbread houses.  The creativity that one can do with gingerbread houses is vast. Have a happy holiday!


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