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The cherry blossoms started budding this week in my neighborhood.  The days have finally turned and spring is already here in New Mexico.  Nothing like a sweet mix of blue skies, Sandia Mountains, and budding cherry blossoms.  Ah….


I’ve been searching far and wide on Etsy for a cute Easter basket stuffer.  There are so many cute things on Etsy, it’s really hard to pick sometimes.  My daughter is obsessed with tiny things (but what little kid isn’t? hehe).   I was so happy about my purchase of this little bunny in an Altoids tin from SetApartCreation.  It was only $4 too!  Can you believe that?

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.41.45 PM.png

It even comes with a little carrot!!  I’m obsessed !  Check our all of her stuff here.

To also prepare for the festivities, I figured out how to make bunnies out of napkins.  I am a natural origami enthusiast and was so excited as to how these turned out.  They even have whiskers!

Your guests will hop for joy when they see these Easter bunnies!

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