New Mexico Railyards Marketplace!

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I am super excited to say that I got to show off my skillz at this last Sunday’s New Mexico Railyards Marketplace.  It was a great opportunity to unveil all my work to the Albuquerque area, including some of my cool scrabble tile magnets that I only make for craft fairs.  A craft fair EXCLUSIVE.  Check them out:unnamed-1

A cute couple who just moved here from Oklahoma started laughing when they saw the “Albuquirky” scrabble tile magnets – – – and I sold a lot of them!  It really does capture the city of Albuquerque in a way that we all can embrace : ALBUQUIRKY!  Its time to embrace it burquenos!  The CLEAN/DIRTY dishwasher magnets sold really well too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.23.20 AM

(Aren’t the windows beautiful there?!?!?)

It was such an honor to able to sell at the marketplace, I got in by a hair this time.  I got on the WAITLIST, and I thought “Man, it’s not going to happen.”  But it did!  Going to the Albuquerque Railyards market was an amazing way to learn about the craft fair business in general.  I am always blown away by how much set up/breakdown has to happen.

Getting the materials to help your booth look good is also difficult.  Luckily, since I am doing another craft fair at Mama’s Minerals this upcoming Saturday, I was prepared and found some pallet boards I could hang my art on.  If it wasn’t for those pallet boards, I don’t know how much business I would get!  Thanks to the awesome couple on craiglist who gave them to me for free!!!!!  You guys rock!  It really made the Railyards too.

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It was just an amazing day in general.  I think people who like to make art and connect with the world in general can really have an awakening experience at shows like this.  And also, another thing to note, there is ALWAYS an alternative to craft fair equipment.  Like I said, I got these pallets boards for free.  THE UNIVERSE IS GOOD!

Lots of <3, hope to see you all again at the next craft fair!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Peace, love, light, harmony, and hope to all!