Monogram Madness – – They go anywhere!

Are you planning for your wedding and want to monogram everything?  Want your apartment and major possessions to have your name on them?

Make your mark with a vinyl monogram decal!  These decals are great, they go on smooth, and can be placed on virtually any material from canvas, cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, wood, the list truly goes on.

My custom monograms are made with the highest quality vinyl & transfer paper I can find.  They go on smooth and easy.


I’ve been going through a mason jar obsession as of lately, and recently had a beach vacation.  I added all the seashells I found from the beach into the mason jar…. I thought a beautiful monogram of my name would add the perfect touch….



I can even make them in all the colors of the rainbow!



I thought some would look pretty cool on my glassware…..


Then I thought…. “that would look great on my guitar”….


then I thought “that would look great on my car…”


Get yours at my etsy shop here!

Monogram your stuff!