How To Make Scrabble Tile Coasters, DIY coasters, upcycled


One thing I love about what I do is being surrounded by crafting supplies!  Yay!  Today, I am meeting up with a friend and it’s her birthday.  I thought some fun, cute coasters would be great in her place.

These scrabble tile coasters are an excellent birthday gift that can be customized to say whatever word you want!  (For all you etsyprenuers out there, this is great product to market as wedding favors, I also offer a .25 per tile discount on orders over 500 tiles).

This popular craft project was also posted on the La Crema blog, where they mentioned Paper Crane Wishes as the supplier for their scrabble tiles.  COOL!  (Thanks again to Ashley for making it happen!)

Hot To Make Scrabble Tile Coasters


To get started, just start hot gluing (or E6000ing) your tiles onto your cork-board.  Be sure to push extra hard on the letters just to make sure they are good and in there….


After you have assembled all of your scrabble tiles, simply cut them down to your preferred size.


After you have finished cutting them, find a nice outdoor space where you can put a light coat of Polyurethane spray onto the coasters.  I used my backyard, and it only took five minutes.


Although this brand of polyurethane was a bit expensive, I was impressed with how well it worked, especially in terms of dry time and quality.


Spray them down with a light coat.  Try not to put this on heavy because even a light coat will add the necessary water protection for coasters.  Let them dry for about 24 hours, and then you get a nice, polished gift for a friend.


COOL!  My friend is going to love these.

Do you have any fun crafts you make for friends on birthdays?

Keep crafting! (it makes people happy, <3)