Using Chalkboard Paint, How to Make a Chalkboard, does chalkboard paint really work?

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Chalkboards are such an amazing way to amp up any event, and the great thing is that it is so easy.  I just used chalkboard spray paint on these items.  I wanted to see if the materials would hold up.  The frame chalk board was made with just the cardboard base of the frame that holds the picture together.  Crazy, right?  I didn’t think the chalkboard spray paint would work on cardboard, but it did!  The three jars were all just glass, and those turned out very sleek and elegant.

One thing I always wondered about these spray paint chalkboards is if you can actually erase the words – – – – AND YOU CAN!  As you can see here…… I erased the earlier messages of “sugar, spice and everything nice” from before and wrote some other messages….


How To Make A Chalkboard From Everyday Items


So, I had randomly purchase some chalkboard spray paint and have been wanting to try it out for a while.  My little munchkin has been writing on the walls with crayons and I know that she needs something else to help her creatively explore, and a relative of mine recommended a chalkboard.

I had an old picture frame I wasn’t using (and for some reason had drawn a heart on it, probably some other crafting project I was working on….) I also had some cute glass jars around that I haven’t used in a while.


First, I removed the base of the frame to spray paint it.12027530_10153259322171443_6486575507511825233_n

Went outside, spray painted it (like I said, super easy)


Since I didn’t know what was going to happen with the cardboard base, I added a couple layers of spray paint to make sure that I could draw on it.  I knew the glass jars would be okay because I had read online that glass works great with chalk paint.




Then I let them dry for a couple hours in the hot sunshine.  I think I let these dry for about 5 hours.  (It was a hot, sunny day in the New Mexican desert though).  And then the test drive…..


You could do all sorts of stuff with frames like this!  This is a GREAT craft for weddings if you want to have chalkboards around for table numbers or what have you.  Or you want to do some pretty hand lettering for the event.  Or just use these as photo props in a photobooth at the wedding.  (My mind is exploding with possibilities).  But for the sake of housewares, I thought I would test it out as a “to do list”


And now the final test….12027689_10153259321271443_4678129687953842684_n


Consensus says….


“YES! This is great, Mom!!”

(okay, she didn’t say that, but I am pretty sure that is what her body language is saying here)

For some more inspiration for chalkboard art, I pulled a couple of these pictures off pinterest


Taken from


Taken from