Candy Corn Mason Jars! Spray painted mason jars, mason jars,


I’ve been seeing these cute little mason jars all around pinterest and etsy, so I thought I would try to make some!  (They turned out pretty cute if I may say so myself… 😉 )

Spray painting things in general is pretty easy, but when you want to have this sort of ombre effect between colors it’s best to spray paint the different colors in sections….  This is a great method to incorporate all of your wedding colors into one item too, maybe as a centerpiece?  So many ideas with these mason jars!12049392_10153273348651443_4309822671321266210_n-1


I just went to Home Depot and found these three cans of spray paint at $3.97 a piece.

I am more a fan of the BIG standard mason jars size (quart) over the smaller ones you will sometime see sold on etsy (pint).

Interestingly enough, I have this hunch within me that most prefer the BALL brand to the KERR brand.  (Why?  Who has really heard of “Kerr” when they are thinking about their mason jar memories?  Feel free to comment if you are more of a KERR fan, just trying to see what people prefer).

So it took me a while to figure out where to get BALL mason jars, but you can easily purchase them at target for about $10 per set of 12.

If you are more of a KERR fan, Walmart sells the KERR brand.

(Does anyone know the difference between these two brands?  Please comment if you do..)


So, first, I just spray painted all the jars white.  I let them dry for about 15-20 minutes, and then I did another layer.

(plug to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joes, here for having amazing brown paper bags perfecting for any crafting emergency)


Next, I spray painted the bottom 2/3 of the jar orange.  I let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then I spray painted another layer.


And finally, I did spray painted the bottom 1/3 of the mason jar with yellow…. let it dry for 20 or so minutes…. did another layer….


then WOW, here we are!  I just tied some cute little bows from natural hemp cord and we have a wonderful little Halloween decoration.

Don’t want to make them?  Buy them from my shop!