All Hallows Eve is upon us! Wa ha ha!!!

I’ve been going a little Halloween haywire.  I just get so excited about the holidays.  I am seeing all these great ideas to get festive.  I have die cut machine and was super excited to make some decorations to put around the house, and also have an excuse to put more items on my shop. (or the other way around too – – – I am making items for my etsy shop as an excuse to decorate the house with all the fun Halloweenie stuff I want. wa ha ha ! 😀 )

First off, I made a one-of-a-kind trick or treat banner.  I like the idea of making more OOAK items on etsy.   I love handmade items, there is a heart, and a love, and a labor to them, and I think this is why so many people love to craft/buy crafts.



If you like this banner and want it for your Halloween celebration, you can purchase it here for $12 (Priority shipping options are available if Halloween is just a smidgen away!)

Hmmmm, I thought, now I need a garland of some sort!  Bats are always scary and spooky so I thought I would go with some bats of my own!  While this isn’t an OOAK item, the product is “freshly cut” for customers to guarantee a brand newness.il_570xN.846050022_fxgg


If you want to order your own bat garlands, a set of eight bats is only $5! (and the garland fits perfectly over any door, such as seen in the above photo).   You can order them here while the season is still going! 

Alright, alright, alright, I thought, Now I need something for cupcakes….. I know that there isn’t a better way to take out zombies than through eating cupcakes…. so….


Zombie cupcakes!  Yes!  These are some I made for my husband to celebrate Halloween coming (and our joint love for cupcakes, just saying).   You can purchase a set of 12 of them for only $5 here!

So Halloween galore at the Paper Crane Wishes shop this month!  My next post will be about how to make pumpkins covered in a glitter.  This project will make your pumpkins the talk of the neighborhood.

How are you preparing for the Halloween/Christmas season?

If you have a shop, how is October treating you?