15 minute craft! Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

Fall is in the air, and I can smell the seasons changing.  I like to craft, take some time to focus on other things than the regular day-to-day.  I like this little craft because it only requires three things:  a mason jar, glue gun, artificial leaves and some sort of tool to press the leaves down onto the jar (I used a popsickle stick)

(Don’t have faux leaves?  No worries, HandCrate members who receive the Halloween celebration box have leaves a’coming their way!  Don’t have HandCrate yet?  Subscribe here!)


Get your supplies together.



Start gluing away!


Use some sort of tool to press the leaves on so you don’t burn your fingers.



Mid Project Photo


Final Product!

I love it!  I am thinking about putting a cute little LED tealight in there for a glow. 🙂

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “15 minute craft! Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

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