Mermaid Birthday!

My little one just turned three years old, so we have been celebrating mermaid-style.


This little cake topper was great, I put in the top of my cupcake stand.  🙂  Made from glitter cardstock.  It’s times like this that I am happy I subscribe to the Cricut image library.  I only use public-domain fonts/images for my shop work, and so it’s fun to finally dive into these exciting designs during big events.


You can see the cake topper a bit there – – everything was mermaid themed: cupcakes, wrapping paper, food.  Even all the presents.  It was just a small gathering with Grandma & Grandpa, but what a festivity! (and Willie too, my doggie, he did a great photo-bomb in the back 😀 <3)

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.23.39 PM.png

Here’s an image of a garland from the Cricut image library.  So intricate.  I love all the 3d effects the designs have, with different layers of paper.


They even had a design for this cute little crown.  My mermaid princess proudly wore her seashell tiara.  I also made some foiled signs.  This one says “fish food”, which is just a bowl of chocolate/pretzel goldfish.


I also put out a teapot filled with “ocean water”.  This one was just water dyed blue, but if I had enough time, I would recommend going and getting blue Kool-Aid or another blue liquid.  But still very fun!

So there’s how we celebrated mermaid-style?  What sort of birthday events have your organized for your families?  Love to hear all the wonderful ideas!

thanks for reading!



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