Wood is good! Back in the Tote Biz.


After some updates on our process for the glass bottle totes, we have relaunched our beer totes on etsy (sorry Amazon).  In the photo above, my trusty lumberjack (& husband, Paul) is making a wine tote in our garage.  He loves making them too.


We put this tote together over the weekend.  It looks so COOL!  We like how big the lettering looks on the totes, really gives it that fun “WOW” reaction.  Other fun ideas could be “BEST DAD EVER” or any fun inside joke really.


Before we took a break from making beer totes for six months, we also had come up with another product that works great for weddings, gifts, vineyard birthday parties, anything wine-related really.  At the moment, I only have this design available for the wine totes, but soon we will be offering more custom options (just have to experiment with the vinyl a bit).   But table numbers would be so much fun!  Plus, yours truly could make some amazing custom wine bottle labels.



A lot of woodworking this weekend!  Interested in a custom tote? Message us on etsy and we will make it happen!

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