Paper Flower Teacup Bouquet, Tea Party Gifts, Easter ideas, DIY tea party


9D68B5B0-AD37-43E7-8B95-BBF5BEC1F619I’m going to a tea party birthday soon and thought this would be the perfect present.  With only hot glue, cardstock, some styrofoam and this cute teacup, anyone can make this project (even if you don’t have a cricut explore).

You can use a spiral paper flower design on Cricut Design by searching for “3D flower” in their image database, or you can follow along this tutorial I did for Albuquerque the Magazine a few years back.


1 teacup (I got a Pioneer Woman brand mug, it was a bigger than an actual teacup but it had the design I really wanted)

3 inch half dome of styrofoam (make sure the styrofoam you buy fits into the teacup you have, an important component of this project)

Various cardstock

hot glue gun

other embellishmemts like broaches and cuteness

(1) Cut the spirals out on your cricut explore or cut the spirals with scissors  .

(2) Twirl the spirals to look like flowers and hot glue them together.

(3) Add styrofoam dome to the tea cup and start hot glueing the paper flowers to the dome.

(4) Add embellishments like broaches or other items you like (I like paper cranes a lot, so I added one of those. ☺️)

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