DIY Felt Acorns, Video Tutorial

Since the launch of my subscription box, HandCrate, I’ve been doing tutorials on craft projects every month.  Each monthly box contains supplies to make the craft, and I also post the video tutorial on YouTube.  Here’s the tutorial for DIY felt acorns.  This month’s box included roving felt & acorn caps to do the project.Continue reading “DIY Felt Acorns, Video Tutorial”

Hallow-Fun: Purple People Eater Cupcakes!

37 days until Halloween! Let’s get started with the festivities! The key to this recipe is Wilton’s Monster Eyes.  I found this item on Pinterest and have found you can throw them on just about anything to make it creepy.  Especially if you add more than one eye, creepy. Okay, okay, I know that purpleContinue reading “Hallow-Fun: Purple People Eater Cupcakes!”

15 minute craft! Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

Fall is in the air, and I can smell the seasons changing.  I like to craft, take some time to focus on other things than the regular day-to-day.  I like this little craft because it only requires three things:  a mason jar, glue gun, artificial leaves and some sort of tool to press the leavesContinue reading “15 minute craft! Autumn Leaf Mason Jars”

HandCrate: A Festive Subscription Box Made by Crafters/Artists

I’ve been busy launching my subscription box, HandCrate !  This monthly, seasonal subscription box includes various crafts and samples from small handcrafting businesses.  For only $13/month with free shipping, we already have 15 boxes going out for our Halloween box! Each monthly box always includes a greeting card, confetti, a banner, washi tape, and paperContinue reading “HandCrate: A Festive Subscription Box Made by Crafters/Artists”

FREE 4th of July Printable, Memorial Day Weekend Project Ideas

Of all my addictions, Pinterest may take the cake. For any festivity, food is always important.  Memorial Day and the 4th of July always include red, white, blue, stars and stripes.  That being said, here are some amazing recipes I found that are not only easy, but fun and perfect for celebrating America’s independence! lecremedelacrumb.comContinue reading “FREE 4th of July Printable, Memorial Day Weekend Project Ideas”

Beer Bottle Labels, Kisses from the MRS, customer scrabble projects

Is it Mercury that is out of whack this month or something? Whatever it is, I have been overflowing with some great, creative ideas!  I’ve been working on a Fourth of July party pack and thought of these creative stickers to put on some beers. Even better news?  These can be customized to say thingsContinue reading “Beer Bottle Labels, Kisses from the MRS, customer scrabble projects”

How To Make An Iron-On With A Cricut Explore, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I am always trying to think of fun ways to celebrate big events like Mother’s Day.  Who better to spend all your crafting efforts for than someone who deserves it – – – MOM!  I put this cute little Paris-themed tote together for my mom.  (Tote was only $10 on sale today at Joanne’s CraftsContinue reading “How To Make An Iron-On With A Cricut Explore, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

First Bouquets of Wedding Season, Love is in the Air

I am getting a couple bouquets ready for wedding season, and I am excited to do make bouquets ahead of time now.  This allows the customer to get the item in 1-3 business days, allowing very fast shipping times. Something called me to start making bouquets from my mind’s eye.  After making customized bouquets for theContinue reading “First Bouquets of Wedding Season, Love is in the Air”